Font licenses

Labor & Wait Embedding license agreement

Version 24.044a

This is an agreement between you, the purchaser, and Labor & Wait. In accepting the terms of this agreement, you acknowledge understanding and promise to comply with its terms. If you do not accept the terms, please do not complete the purchase transaction.

You may purchase licensing on behalf of another organization, but you must share this license agreement with that organization.

What you are purchasing from Labor & Wait is a license for digital typeface software as a service - hereafter ‘embedding fonts’ - for research, development, and production purposes. The embedding fonts are to be packaged within software applications or ebooks published by the licensee organization. You are not purchasing the copyright to the design of the fonts, but the rights to use the embedding fonts.

The embedding fonts may be embedded in software applications and used by the maximum number of people as specified in the license table. For apps, a person is defined as an active app user during a calendar month. If this information is not available, each download shall be considered as an active user. For ebooks, a person is defined as the purchaser of a copy of an ebook including the embedding fonts across multiple titles, editions, and formats.

Licensees can extend their license at any time, which allows distribution software applications containing the app fonts to additional users.

The embedding fonts are provided in OpenType (.otf) and TrueType (.ttf) formats. Additional formats are available upon request, and may require the purchase of supplemental licensing.

All font licensing is one-time, perpetual, and extendable.

The embedding fonts may not be used with any desktop/laptop software without the purchase of Standard licensing.

The embedding fonts may not be used with any web font replacement technologies without the purchase of Web licensing.

You may not modify, convert, adapt, decompile, or otherwise reverse engineer or create derivative works of the embedding fonts without written consent.

We have done everything we can to produce our embedding fonts to the highest and most up-to-date technical standards, and we test the app fonts extensively in the latest versions of technically-compliant applications. If you do experience any difficulties with our embedding fonts, we will work with you to resolve any technical issues in the embedding fonts. If, after we have worked to resolve any technical issues, you are still not satisfied with our software, we will be pleased to refund your money, which shall be the limit of our liability in this transaction.

For any licensing situations not covered in this agreement, please contact us.

We grant the rights of use of our embedding fonts to you in good faith, and request that you adhere to the terms of this agreement to the best of your ability, and in good faith.