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In September 2023, we closed the doors of after 18 years. We are very proud of the work we did to bring the work of a supremely talented group of young designers to the wider world in the early days of e-commerce. We are humbled by the faith those designers put in us and thank them for inspiring us and allowing us to amplify their creativity.

Here is where you can now find the fonts and foundries from

Hanno Bennert: Proof
Blackletra: Elizeth, Gandur, Haltrix, Ofelia, Silva
Commercial Type: Dignitas, Giorgio, Kommissar, Local Gothic, Stag
Constellation: Aero, Apex, Brooklyn, Cassiopeia, Copernicus, Polaris
Feliciano Type Foundry: Crisol, Eudald, Flama, Garda, Grotzec, Marcin, Mazagan, Merlo, Rongel, Stella
Josh Finklea: Centra, Post Grotesk
Gradient: Linear Sans, Radial
Saku Heinanen: Freya
Klim: Calibre, Domaine, Financier, Founders Grotesk, Karbon, Metric, National, Newzald, Pitch, Tiempos
Lux Typographic + Design: Cahuenga, Colette, Crank 8, Fabriga, Gustan, Rialtos, Section
Urtd aka Setup Type: Doko, Odesta, Remi
Sharp: Frauen, Beatrice, Ogg, Sharp Sans, Sharp Slab, Sharp Grotesk
Trine Rask: Rum Plakat, Rum Sans, Rum Serif
Type Supply: Balto, Ohm, Queue, Torque, Timonium
Edgar Walthert: Agile

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